Digital Marketing Meets Frontend Development

After 10-years working in digital marketing it was high time I learned some code.

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  • SVG Animation

    This project involved optimizing an existing web page by replacing image icons with SVG graphics and animating them where appropriate.

  • Working with APIs

    Using the Open Library API, this webpage populates results in response to a book cover search. Clicking on a search result opens a lightbox that includes further information.

  • Custom Video Player

    This video player was built using the HTML5 Video API. The video and transcript are sychronized; clicking the transcript takes you to the corresponding section of the video.

  • Dashboard

    This project invovled building a responsive web dashboard using Charts.js for the graphs, CSS flexbox for the layout and leveraging the browser's local storage to save user preferences.

  • Page Speed Optimization

    By taking advantage of an automated workflow with Gulp, this project required improving a poorly optimized page by reduce the total load size to under 1MB and file requests to under 23.

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Brendan Layton

Hi, I'm Brendan Layton. I love creating digital campaigns from first to final interaction; analyzing and improving them along the way. Contact me if you’d like to talk.